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The Beginner’s Guide to Diabetics

How To Make Money From Extra Diabetic Test Strips

Most of the companies which deliver the strips to you might send you an extra box every time a delivery is made. The reason as to why the supplier will send extra strips is because they do not want you to miss any tests simply because you do not have any strips. At times you might be receiving the strips even when you are done. The other reasons you might have unused diabetic strips is when you change diabetic testing meters. The doctor can advice some people to change their testing meters. If you have been receiving the strips for more than ten years then you must have accumulated a good number of diabetic strips.

What most people do not know is that extra unused diabetic strips can give you a lot of money. Within the area you live, you will be able to find a lot of willing buyers. There is no need of keeping excess diabetic strip if you no longer need them. Instead of disposing the extra strips make money out of them instead. When you sell your extra strips you will not be committing any crime. You will be surprised how many people want to buy the strip. Some buyers are cons. Do not make this type of mistake.

The best way to sell your strips is through online. However before you start doing any business you need to establish the correct value of your strips. The price at which the buyer will buy your strip is on their websites and they also have a calculator to help you establish its true value. The buyer should send an amount equivalent to the value you got from the calculator. The most important step is filling all the application forms. Do not forget to include the method of payment that you prefer. The shipping label you use should be the one provided by the buyer. If not they will send a mailing kit with a box and label.

When you are shipping the boxes, you do not have to pay for delivery because delivery is paid by the company. When you put all the boxes in the shipping box does not forget to label them. After packing and labeling the next step will be dropping the box in the post office or giving it to a carrier. The maximum days a delivery can take is seven days. The seller will be paid after the strips have been delivered. This is important because the buyer has to ensure that the strips you have sent have not expired already. If they have not expired, you will receive your payment. PayPal is the common method for making payments. If not you will receive a check and get the amount within three days.

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